Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm feeling Hefty

Well, I got a lot out of Reason #1. A whole day of working out. Not working out all day, but a workout. I'll explain.

My Tuesday had started off not so great. I had a crappy breakfast and ate some crappy food throughout the day. But then I got some things off my chest. And after that, I felt super duper awesome throughout the rest of the day. Especially at the gym. I hopped on to the elliptical machine and worked my little huge flat butt off. Yes, I pushed myself and kept going over and over that post in my head until I had completed one hour straight on that damn machine. My boyfriend was very impressed. Heck, I was impressed. And I never did believe in that whole talking to and pumping yourself up sort of thing. I guess I showed myself.

But I wasn't prepared to milk that one amazing feat for the next 2 days. You know what I'm talking about. "I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch, so one bag of Hershey kisses won't hurt me" or "I've been working out so good during the week, I'm going to eat whatever I want on the weekend." The whole justifying your bad habits is totally warped but I am a pro at it. So, because of one measly hour of amazing huffing and puffing, I gave myself 2 days off at the gym.

And my eating has been....there are no words.

Wait, yes there are.

Wednesday - Friday = fast food nation.

Seriously though, I am so tired of fast food. I am craving a good, light, home-cooked meal. Man, they are right. You are what you eat. I've been eating shit and now I look and feel like shit. Oh, how I hate when they are right.

To get rid of this crappy feeling, this weekend is going to be full of workouts and great, healthy, and yummy food. I will pump my chubby legs until they can't pumps no more. I will have to get my cook on as the head chef is on vacation here at Casa Fatty Pants. I'm thinking of trying to convince the boyfriend to fire up the grill for some BBQ tomorrow. Add lots and lots of water to that mix and this weekend should be gravy.

And maybe those 2 pounds, that I pretended to not see this morning on the scale, will be gone.

For good.

P.S. Obviously I'm not an expert, but seriously, if you are having a hard time getting through workouts or even starting a workout, think long and hard about one thing you want. To fit into some shorts, to lose 5 pounds, to not be so jealous of other girls (ahem), etc. Really, think about it. Think about that and only that. It'll make your workout a piece of cake. Trust me.


  1. i hate when they're right, too! they think they know everything . . . and they probably do.

    i've been really slack/preoccupied lately and know i have to face some sort of workout when i get home tonight. it's going to be tough, so i'll be thinking about your p.s.

  2. Hey there! I noticed you haven't posted in a few weeks and wanted to check on you! Hope everything is going okay and if it's not I hope you know that you can always drop me a line! I'll be glad to listen!

  3. I'm checking in again....hope you're okay. Drop me a line!

  4. Sometimes when I'm hungry, I just get drunk and pass out.