Monday, November 30, 2009

Back in the Game

Wednesday 30 Day Shred
Thursday 30 Day Shred
Friday - Sun No workout

I was all over the place this weekend. I had fun spending time with the boyfriend and my Jasmine. It was a pretty mellow weekend since the boyfriends mom got really sick on T-Day. So my eating was weird. I think that's why I was down 1 pound for the week. I ate pretty big meals, but was only eating twice a day. I just wasn't hungry most of the time. And when I did eat, I ate big. Whatever. I'm down on the scale and that's all that really matters.

I only got to Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred challenge. Seriously, I'm laughing, shaking my head, as I write this. I SUCK at challenges. I'm so pathetic, it's funny to me. (I'm not really pathetic, just when it comes to challenges.)

Well, now that the holiday is gone, it's time to suck it in and start working on eating right and working out. Another holiday will be here sooner than you know it, and I want to look G-O-O-D for X-mas and New Years.

Happy Monday to all!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is what I've been waiting for

I've been waiting for this 4-day weekend since my vacation in August. I love paid days off!!

I've decided to not post about my eating habits for awhile. I just really haven't been eating good at all. And I know you all are tired of hearing about my fails.

But on a good note...

I finally got a workout in last night. Woo hoo!! I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. Gosh, I love that machine.

I'm supposed to start Losing It For Real's 30 Day Shred Challenge today. I should be able to work out tonight no problem. Even if it's a midnight workout.

The holiday festivities are starting today. The boyfriend's sister's birthday is today and her and her family will be coming over for dinner. Then tomorrow is D-Day and we'll be heading over to her house for dinner. I'm in charge of mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and helping the boyfriend with a key lime pie. I don't know what else we'll be doing this weekend.

Most definitely, we will not be participating in Black Friday. A couple of years ago my boyfriend saved up some money for a plasma tv. We first went to Circuit City at 5 a.m., but they only had limited quantities, so we headed over to HH Gregg but their sale was a joke. So we decided to head to Brandsmart USA. I swear stepping into that store was like stepping through the gates of hell. After we found a salesperson and made our purchase (at an excellent price, I might add) me and the boyfriend got separated. Well, silly me walked back into the store to look for him and it was the worst experience of my life. People were everywhere!! There was no where to walk and the smell of body odor was heavy in the air. I was trapped in the middle of the store, shoulder to shoulder with crazed bargain hunters for a good 10 minutes. I literally almost broke down in tears because I wanted to get out of there and no one was budging out of the way. By the grace of God, I somehow did manage to finally get out of the store. That store seriously traumatized the heck out of me and I don't ever plan on doing a Black Friday ever, ever, EVER again.

Good luck to all you Black Friday shoppers!!

And Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Monday = EPIC Fail

No workout

And that's all I have to say about that.

At least I have a cute outfit on today.

That's all that really matters.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm going to love this week!

Because it's a 3-day work week. I love the holidays!!

Breakfast: slice of pumpkin pie
Lunch: rice, beans, chicharron, steak, arepa, avocado
Dinner: 1 carne asada taco, 1/2 burrito
In-betweens: 1 slice of pumpkin pie, cookies (I forgot how much), arequipe and cheese

No workout

My boyfriend's mom invited her priest over for lunch so that's why there was so much food and little snacks.

I was just too lazy to workout. So I stood in bed with the boyfriend watching Transformers 2 (I love that movie!!).

Pumpkin pie is my Thanksgiving nemesis. I love it way too much. I bought a little pie from Wal-Mart yesterday. The good thing is, it's the only pie we'll have since the boyfriend's family aren't really big pumpkin pie people. So after this little one is done, there will be no more.

Yesterday was my weigh in and I was up 0.8 pounds. Hey, at least it wasn't a whole pound. I am so ready for the scale to go down. I've only lost 5 pounds since August. That's pretty sad and I know I can do WAY better.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday and Saturday Shenanigans

Breakfast: Breakfast of champions (brownies)
Lunch: rice, chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes
Dinner: pasta w/ tuna
In-betweens: 2 tangerines, apple, Cheddar and Sour Cream chips

Workout: 30 mins. elliptical

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, 1.5 sausage links, pancakes w/ strawberry topping (me and the boyfriend took his mom out to breakfast)
Lunch: rice with veggies, chicken leg, avocado
Late late Dinner: big mac, fries, and coke
In-betweens: movie popcorn and cherry Icee

Workout: no official workout, but I did walk TONS

It was a bad couple of days but oh well. I had lots of fun with the boyfriend shopping and going to the movies. We dropped the car off at the shop to get some work done so we ended up walking to the mall to do some shopping. It wasn't really intentional exercise but trust me, it was exercise. Anyways, I was armed with lots of coupons and I know we saved loads of money on the stuff we got (most of it anyway). The boyfriend was laughing at me, because at almost every store, I pulled out a coupon. Hey, sometimes I just refuse to pay retail. (I'm kicking myself for not using my 50% percent off one item at Old Navy. Dammit!!)

We watched New Moon (he's a Twilight freak LOL)(jk). It was really good! It was just OK when I left the movie theater, but now, I kind of want to go watch it again...but I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.

My weigh-in is going to be disappointing I know. I just have to try a lot harder this week. Especially since (dun dun dun) Thanksgiving is THREE days away.

It's going to be a long week.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The week is coming to an end...

(And it looks like my weight loss efforts are too...)
Breakfast: cottage cheese, pineapple, banana
Lunch: ajiaco, turkey sandwhich
Dinner: rice, potatoes, chicken, green beans
In-betweens: popcorn, 2 tangerines, small piece of brownies that I made

No workout

My eating was way better but I still didn't get a workout in. I had to go take care of some business downtown and there was so much traffic. Driving in traffic makes me really lazy for some reason. So I got home late and I was exhausted! I was in such a pissy mood. Looks like I won't be going downtown for a LONG while.

I know there is going to be a gain this Sunday. And I still feel a bit fluffy. It doesn't help that my jeans were just recently washed and they feel super tight.

I. Can't. Breathe.

Did anyone catch New Moon last night?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Very Bad Day and some Beauty

Breakfast: cottage cheese, pineapple, banana
Lunch: rice, 1/2 small potato, meatball, salad
Dinner: ajiaco, rice, avocado, 1 platano
In-betweens (This is where it gets messy!!): 3 chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge sundae, 1/2 chocolate muffin

No workout

The fluffs are back indefinitely =(.

Beauty Post
As you all know, I love make-up. As you should also know, I'm a big cheapskate. Well, not really (yes, really). It's just with money being so tight right now, I can't justify spending 20 bucks on a MAC eyeshadow brush or $17 on Urban Decay Primer Potion. At least not right now. So imagine how happy I was when I found I frequent a lot of make-up gurus youtube channels and almost all of them had experience with this website. Based on some of their reviews, I decided to place an order.

Okay, almost everything is $1. But they also have a studio line and a mineral line where almost everything is $3 and $5. I'm a tightwad so I bought almost everything from the $1 line.

Make-up Brushes
Bronzing and Blending brush, Foundation brush, Eyeshadow brush, Blending Eye brush

I've been dying for some make-up brushes, so when I heard good things about Elf's brushes I went ahead and ordered some. All for 1 buck apiece. You can't beat that. I haven't tried them yet, so I can't really give you a full review, but I can tell you that they are super soft and I haven't seen any shedding.
Eye Stuff
Liquid Eyeshadow in Green Machine, Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Brightening Eyecolor in Brownstone and Drama, Duo Eyeshadow Cream in Coffee & Cream

I didn't really care for the Liquid Eyeshadow or the Due Eyeshadow cream. They were very sheer and didn't last very long. But the Brightening Eyecolors were very, very good. Decent pigmentation and nice colors. Especially that one in Drama. It has a nice silvery glittery color that would be perfect for New Year's Eve. And yup, everything was $1.

Face Stuff
Counter clockwise from top left: Studio line Corrective Concealer, Clarifying Pressed Powder, Eyelid Primer, Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder, Shielding Hydro Tint

The Corrective Concealer was the most expensive item that I bought (expensive? yeah right, it was only 3 dollars!). And I didn't really like it. The coverage was not good at all. I guess I'll have to spend more money to get a good concealer. I did really like the Clarifying Powder and the tinted moisturizer. I'm kicking myself for not buying more of that moisturizer. It has nice coverage and it goes on really light. Plus it smells yummy. Paired with the powder, my face looks nice and flawless (with the exception of the breakouts that I've been having lately). Everything, except for the concealer, was $1.

I think this line is perfect for the babe on a budget. Or the babe who just doesn't want to spend lots of money on make-up. I know I'll be back for some more eyeshadows and to try other products. I do know that they are starting to carry this line in drugstores. I saw it at my Target this past weekend. But you know, like always, the website carries EVERYTHING. And if you use coupon code FACEBOOK, you can get 50% off (up to $16). If you spend exactly $16 dollars (before taxes), that'll pretty much cover the shipping cost and then some.

P.S. Liquid eyeliner is WAY too dramatic for me.

Happy Hump Day!

Breakfast: 4 chicken minis, hashbrowns
Lunch: eggplant and meat, rice
Dinner: salad (mixed greens, red onion, avocado), rice, 1/2 potato, 1 meatball, piece of plantain
In-betweens: apple, apple turnover

Workout: 30 Day shred

I didn't even last 2 days on this challenge. LOL I really suck at them. But whatever, I at least got my workout in. And that's all that matters. Besides, I feel really skinny after doing the 30 Day Shred. I know it's all in my head, but still, I like how it makes me feel.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First fluffy day in a while...

Breakfast: cottage cheese, pineapple, turkey sandwhich
Lunch: Michelina Lean Gourmet Shrimp, pasta, and veggies
Dinner: rice, eggplant and meat, 1 tostone, avocado
In-between: coconut cake *cough* 2 slices *cough*, 1 doughnut, 1 apple turnover

Workout: free day

As you can see, I've reverted to my old ways. I ate way too many baked goods yesterday. And I know exactly where they went: my belly. I felt and still feel REALLY fluffy. I'm mad at myself because it's been a while since I've felt that way. I thought I had come a long way, but it looks like I still have a long way to go.

I had to go do some errands last night, so I decided to use my free day for my workout.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Damage

Breakfast: soup, arepa
Lunch: pasta w/ tuna, tostones
Dinner: Hibachi - fried rice, shrimp, chicken, salad, soup
In-between: strawberry ice-cream bar, 1/4 chocolate muffin

Workout: 30 min. on the elliptical

Breakfast: small slice of pizza
Lunch: roasted potatoes, pork chops with Dijon herb sauce, spinach and strawberry salad with poppy seed dressing, 2 crescents (I made lunch and it all came out yummy!)
Dinner: Taco Bell - taco supreme, nachos supreme, 1/4 boyfriends pan pizza
In-betweens: chocolate donut

Workout: None

As you can see, my weekend was a whirlwind of food. I believe that is why I only had a loss of 1 pound for this week. I know it could have been way more, but I did start eating a lot on Friday and my workouts weren't consistent. But the good thing is, I'm going in the right direction on the scale. And that's all I have to say about that.

This week's challenge:

1. Workout out 4 times this week. Workouts must be an hour long.
2. Only have ONE cheat day. I had to lay down the law with my boyfriend. There is no way I'm going to lose weight with eating out every time, all the time on the weekends.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is when it all went bad...

Friday = A big FAIL day
Breakfast: hotcakes and sausage (from McDonald's)
Lunch: rice, chicken leg, 1 papa salada, tomatoes
Dinner: Zaxby's Cajun Club Sandwhich basket
Inbetweens: Everything bagel w/ cream cheese, 1 Hershey's cookies and cream bar

No workout

As you can see, my challenge is over. I lasted almost 4 days. It may sound like a failure to someone else, but that's pretty good for me! I never usually last longer than a day. I know for my next challenge, I'll do way better.

It's better to look on the bright side of things than to wallow in your upsets.

Friday, November 13, 2009

And the challenge is over...

Not quite, but after tomorrow's post, it will be.

Breakfast: egg, turkey sandwhich - turkey, tomatoes, avocado, lite mayo (thank you my boyfriend for the yummy breakfast <3)
Lunch: arroz con pollo
Dinner: rice, bbq chicken leg, 2 papa ensaladas (baby potatoes with salt), tomatoes
In betweens: 3 slivers of chocolate cake (small ones, I swear), apple

Workout: 21 minutes on the elliptical

I wouldn't necessarily call it an off-challenge day. Except for that cake that I hadn't planned on eating and only getting in 20 minutes of exercise. That sweet tenant brought in some cake that she had made. She is the sweetest, but God is she killing me!! I know I can just not eat the stuff she brings in, but that would just be plain RUDE, right? And for the exercise, I waited to long to get moving. I got home, relaxed, ate dinner, watched The Vampire Diaries, and then decided to work out. Well, I got hot and uncomfortable and gave up after 21 minutes.

I really blow at challenges.

But you know what? It's okay. Because I stepped on the scale this morning and it was down!! It doesn't count until Sunday morning, but I know if I continue what I'm doing (eating less and working out), I will definitely have a loss this week.

What challenge???

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can I get a what, what...

Day 3 of my challenge: DONE!

Breakfast: turkey sandwhich - turkey, tomatoes, light mayo
Lunch: chicken noodle soup, celery and dip
Dinner: small scoop of arroz con pollo, 2 tostones, carrot soup
In-betweens: Granola bites, apple

Workout: 30 minutes on the elliptical

I watched that movie "Up" last night. I thought it was so cute! If you watch it, get a box of Kleenex ready. It had me tearing up in the first 10 minutes. Lovely message and a lovely movie overall.

Beauty Post
I was looking like death this morning. My face looked really sleepy and just out of it. You know what I can always count on to brighten my face and make me feel good?
Do you like my old school Maybelline mascara?
It's so good to know that all it takes are these three little things to pick me up. I never wanted to be one of those people who needs to put on all this make-up to look normal, and then look like crap when I don't have any on. Don't get me wrong, I love make-up and I can wear quite a bit when I'm going out. But it's nice to know that all I need is an eyelash curler, mascara, and some lip gloss to make me feel human. And come on, it doesn't hurt that looking good makes you feel good, too.

What are some beauty items/beauty routines that make you feel good about yourself?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 2 (Can I get an OH YEAH!)

Breakfast: turkey sammich (turkey, light mayo, tomatoes)
Lunch: a sweet tenant of mine brought lunch for us today - Jambalaya. I had never had this before and it was effin' awesome. I have definitely got to try making this some time.
In between: apple, 2 slices of turkey, Flax granola bites
Dinner: 2.5 chicken wings, small scoop of shrimp fried rice

The food I had eaten wasn't really what I had planned to eat, but you should have seen the portions I had. I was sooo good. I had about a cup of jambalaya at lunch time. And for dinner, it was only about half a cup of fried rice. Wow, I never watch my portions. Seriously guys, I am being so good, it's scary.

I did get my 30 minutes on the elliptical in. I really had to push myself to get on the thing and do it. But man, those 30 minutes flew by and I was laughing at myself for making such a big deal of doing it or not. That's how it goes, though.

I know it has only been two days, but I see myself thinking twice about what I'm going to eat. Me and the boyfriend went shopping last night for a gift for my nephew. I was starving! We could have easily stopped at the food court for something to eat (I was so craving pretzels!), but I told myself to wait until we got home to eat dinner. We stopped at Walgreen's to get a movie from my beloved (Redbox) and I was still starving, so I went on the prowl for a snack. Instead of chips and candy, I picked up some granola bites. Gosh, I am a new person.

Movie Review
Me and the boyfriend watched "The Ugly Truth" last night. I liked it. And I love Gerard Butler! If you like crude humor, then you'll like this. Me and the boyfriend laughed a lot. He gave it two thumbs up.

Product Review
At Walgreen's last night, I picked up some of these:
Now, I don't have any experience with Flax; I've never tried the stuff. However, after trying this I'm not sure I want anything more to do with it. This stuff literally tastes like dirt. It even looks like discs of it:
I just didn't really care for the taste. Is this what healthy food tastes like? No wonder I am fat. Just kidding. I guess they really aren't that bad. For 130 calories per serving (about half a bag), they're pretty filling and I'm sure that they are really good for you. Just the taste of them really bothers me. Why is it that all the food that is good for you tastes really bad?

Have you guys tried any good for you food that is also good for your taste buds?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Challenge: Day 1

Breakfast: oatmeal, apple
I was thisclose to messing up my week. I was running late and didn't have time to make breakfast. On my way into work, I was thinking I would just stop somewhere to pick something up (read: french toast sticks from Burger King). But I held fast, and just decided to eat what I had brought for lunch and then grab a salad at the grocery store. Thank you Lord Jesus, that there was a packet of oatmeal in my desk. I added a cut up apple to the mix and I was good to go.

Lunch: rice, hamburger (meat only), potato and veggie salad

In between: I had a tangerine but ended up throwing it out because it tasted scary; I was starving when I got home, so I had 2 slices of turkey

Dinner: rice, lentils, hamburger (meat only) (thank God they are finished!!), avocado

Dessert: piece of pineapple cake

Drumroll, please:
Workout: 30 minutes on the elliptical (I'm awesome, right?) I have really missed sweating buckets.

So my Monday was pretty good. Screw it, it was freaking awesome! I'm so glad I didn't eat junk food or fast food and that I got my workout in.

I am totally feeling this song right now. It made it onto my workout playlist and has so far been awesome. By the way, this vid isn't the official video, just a fan-made one.

Head on over here for a little giveaway. Actual Scale has lost 50 pounds and is celebrating by giving away a $50 Amazon gift card. Go over and show her some love!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The rest of Sunday

Dinner was rice, potato salad, hamburger(just meat) and a slice of semi-homemade pineapple upside down cake.

I really wanted to get some exercise in but...well, actually I can't remember what I did for the rest of the night. I know I fell asleep around 11 pm. And that's all I remember. Hmmm??? Weird...

But I did get 8 hours of sleep. Woo hoo!! I feel great. I rarely get that much sleep on a weeknight. What a treat! (Can you tell I love my sleep?)

By the by, I almost screwed up my challenge already (more on that tomorrow). Can you believe it? It's only the first day and I come thisclose to messing it all up. Ridiculous, right?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday & Sunday

Breakfast: Snickers Ice-cream bar, finished off the cookie dough candies
Lunch: Mondongo (the Colombian variety)
Dinner: some more soup
Movie snacks: handful of raisinettes, handful of bacon cheddar chips

Breakfast: scrambled egg, toast
Lunch: split chili cheese fries, double steakburger from Steak'n'Shake with the boyfriend, plus a chocolate shake
Dinner: TBD

I should have never had the chocolate shake. I am super full now (and I feel super gross).

Eek! That was a lot of junk food. But that is how my weekends typically go. Must be stronger, must say no to junk food.

Weigh-in was this morning. I am up on the scale (surprise, surprise) but I am still under 260. I have to look on the bright side of things, but it's getting more and more difficult. I think it's time for a Challenge!!

This week's challenge
-Absolutely no junk/fast food during the week
-Eat all planned meals
-Only 1 cheat meal this week (date night with the boyfriend)
-30 minutes on the elliptical...e v e r y day this week.

Do you think I can pull it off???

P.S. I lost a follower =(. I guess my gross eating habits are turn-off. Oh well, whaddaya gon' do?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 2 of telling the truth

Friday Re-cap

Breakfast: cottage cheese, pineapple
In between: cake (I was craving cake so bad, so I stopped at Kroger in the a.m. =/), banana
Lunch: rice, chicken breast, green beans
In between: apple
Dinner: 2 chicken wings, 3 chicken strips, handful of crinkle fries, 1/2 toast (courtesy of Zaxby's)
Late night pig-out: handful of Bacon Cheddar chips, handful of Life Saver gummies, handful of chocolate chip cookie dough candies

Lots of junk food but it was the boyfriend and I's movie night, so it only happens once a week. We picked up X-men Origins: Wolverine and The Proposal (I loved the Wolverine movie, I was pleasantly surprised. The Proposal was just OK) from Redbox and some snacks. I am such a homebody and love spending a night in relaxing, and watching movies.

P.S. I am still not talking to my elliptical. I see him there, looking at me, calling out to me, but I'm very good at ignoring him. I am so not ready for this relationship.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The truth shall set me free...

I've decided to come out with ALL the nitty gritty details of my day. All the eating and workout fails and everything else in between. Seriously, E V E R Y T H I N G. The whole purpose of this blog was to keep myself accountable and I'm just not cutting it. I need to show the world how bad, but also how good, I can be.

Breakfast: cottage cheese, diced pineapple, banana
In between: 2 pieces of See's chocolate & nuts
Lunch: the greatest hamburger, fries, & cherry coke
Dinner: chicken breast, rice, green beans
Snack: turkey sandwhich (turkey, bread, slice of provolone, light mayo)

Hmmm??? I seriously thought I ate way more food than that (or was that the day before?). I guess it wasn't a complete fail. Well, except for that hamburger part.

I got home last night with every intention of spending some quality time with my elliptical machine. But then I lay down on the bed, started watching some TV with the boyfriend, and you know how it goes. Grrrr!!

Ok, enough about that.

Beauty Post

Since, life isn't always about weight loss, I thought I'd do a little plug for a product I recently discovered.

I love, love, love the look of fresh acrylic nails. But they can be such a pain. First off, they can get pricey. Second, sometimes the nail salons don't seem very sanitary (uh, hello!! nail fungus!!). And lastly, acrylic nails are killer for your nail's overall health. But they sure are pretty.

So I tried these little beauts. And came out with this:
Don't mind my gross cuticles
Cute, right? Can you even tell these weren't done at a salon? I couldn't! And all for seven bucks!! You can probably find them cheaper somewhere else, but I was a goober and stopped at the most expensive place on earth (CVS). They were really durable and felt like acrylic tips. I love, love, love them. If you need to, check out this tutorial. It was very helpful on putting these little suckers on.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still here...

but not doing so much.

My eating has been horrible and I have not yet forced myself to jump on the elliptical machine (although, my body is craving a workout!).

I still have a bit of a cough that I haven't been able to shake so I'm kind of scared to get all huffy and puffy. But tonight (before the Vampire Diaries, of course) I'll try to get me some fitness time.

Wish me luck!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It pays to be Sick??

If I can get a 3.8 pound loss, it sure does!!!

This past week, I have been mighty sick with a cold/flu. I'm finally getting rid of the stuffy/runny nose. I still have a bit of a cough and a sore throat, but I'm hoping to try to do 30 minutes on the elliptical tonight. I've been really wanting to workout these past couple of days, too. So I'm looking forward to being 100 percent not sick.

I went shopping on Saturday with the boyfriend. With the cold weather here, I was on the hunt for some boots (and he was on the hunt for some new soccer cleats). Now, I'm really.....what do you call it?, frugal. I really don't like spending lots of money on clothes or shoes. $20 is my absolute max to spend on one item. So, you can't imagine how happy I was when I walked into Charlotte Russe and saw that the shoes were on sale for Buy one, get the 2nd for $15. Picked up these little gems in black and brown and all for around 23 bucks each. Score!

Yesterday, was the best relaxing day. The boyfriend and I picked up some pizza from his favorite pizza place and rented some movies from RedBox. We had only seen Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen in the theater so we watched it again. I had forgotten how funny it was. I think it was better the second time around. I really, really liked it!. It will definitely be added to our movie collection. If you haven't watched it yet, watch it. Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed. While you're at it, check out Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, too. There were some laughs in there and it was really cute.