Monday, March 7, 2011

Good habits don't live here anymore

Last week was not a great one. 2 days of workouts and not so great eating. The scale was down a bit (0.6 pounds to be exact) but it still was a lousy week.

I don't know where all my motivation went. The first couple of weeks I was doing so good. With eating and working out. And I was totally reaping the benefits: scale was going down, I felt good, no fluffiness, etc. But now it's just...meh.

The fluffs are creeping up on me. And I just feel awful. And like a complete failure.

But my definition of failure is giving up. And I am NOT giving up just yet. I'm in it for the long haul.

At least I hope so.


  1. Yay for not giving up! :o) Sorry to hear you feel as though you've had a bad week, but next week will be better!

  2. I've read that there are phases of weight loss. The first stage is the best because we are all gung ho about it, getting results, feeling good, etc, but then it starts to get harder and we don't feel as enthusiastic about it. That's when you have to push thru. Maybe ask yourself if you really want to lose weight and if you REALLY do, then what are the reasons? Get that motivation back, its in there! Those good habits still live there... they're like hiding in the closet or something ;)

  3. you know I am kinda in your same spot. I do so great at working out then I blow it with what I eat.
    It totally defeats the purpose of working out. I get so upset with myself for putting in 2 hours aday working out and then cave when it comes to my food. UGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! we have to train ourselves to be stronger.its mind over matter. And our minds are so strong!!! You can do this Miss Fatty Pants(love that blog name by the way) come follow me, maybe we can help each other along the way!!!