Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Well, thank God it's Thursday.

I failed to surprise myself last night. I didn't work out. I fought with myself for 1 hour to get up and just work out. Even my boyfriend kept telling me to just get it over with already. After all the heeing and hawing, when I finally decided to work out, I started to feel really nauseous. All in my head? Could be.

So, I didn't work out. But my eating was really good. I didn't eat anything I hadn't planned on eating. That was a good point about my day.

Why do I never get the eating right and working out at the same time? Is it really that hard? Or am I really that stubborn? Ask my boyfriend, he'll say I'm really that stubborn.

And because it's not always about weight loss:
Does anyone know where to buy those clear bra straps for convertible bras? I have this strapless bra and I seem to have misplaced the straps it came with (actually, I found one and I vaguely recall trashing the other one). I really need some for my upcoming trip. So if any one knows, please feel free to comment. Thanks!!

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