Monday, December 14, 2009

Almost fully recovered...

Thursday - Saturday No workout

Sunday - the most amazing workout I've had in a long time

I got a full blown cold this past week. Seriously, full blown. I could not for the life of me breathe through my nose. Just ask my boyfriend. I kept him up every night, all weekend with my God awful snoring (sorry boyfriend). It seems to be clearing up a bit, so I should be good by the end of the week. I sure did take the ability to breathe through TWO nostrils, at the same time, for granted.

So that is why there weren't many workouts. But I did get some time on the elliptical and some time with weights on Sunday night. It was such a great a workout, that I'm really looking forward to working out this week. The boyfriend is calling it our "Last Chance Workout". There's this family party on Saturday so it's our last chance to workout before then. Even he has added some extras to his regimen. (I'm so proud of you Boyfriend!)

I didn't make my goal this week but I'm not taking it to hard because I was sick. Sooo, I'm giving myself this week to finally lose my first 10 pounds. This week's loss was a whopping 0.4 pounds. It's an itty bitty loss, but it just got me thatmuch closer to hitting the 10 pound mark. 2.8 more to go, baby!! And it's been four months since I have gotten below 256.8 and I only got to that weight because I was super sick. So to legitimately get below 256.8 will be an amazing feeling.

I can't wait!!!


  1. Good job getting the workouts in, you are so close to 10 lbs, youll be there before you know it!

  2. That milestone will taste sweeter than a dozen cookies! :)

    Have a great week!

  3. Seriously, this time of the year any loss is pretty freaking amazing!

  4. I think not being able to breathe with a cold is one of the worst things to endure. Seriously, it drives me batty.

    Congrats on that .4. It all adds up!!!