Tuesday, December 15, 2009

gimme cookies!!!

Monday - awesome workout

Yes, I did it again. I got another great workout in last night. 30 minutes on the elliptical and some weights/strength exercises. I was really feeling it last night. But it felt so good when I was done.

Tonight is going to be a challenge. I have to go get groceries after work. Grocery shopping is a hassle because I have to go to 4 different stores. Yes, that's 4!! I'm gong to one on my lunch, so I'll only have 3 more to hit later on. I'm not sure what time I'll be home and how tired I will be. I'm hope, hope, hoping that I will have enough energy to get another amazing workout in.

Workout Tip
Okay, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Well, first of all, I am no expert on the subject as I have only been doing this trick for only two days. Also, everybody probably already knows this. I find that I am getting a more intense workout on the elliptical when I alternate speeds. For example, my workout goes like this: 5 min of warm-up, 5 mins. superfast, 5 mins. slow down, 5 mins super fast, 5 mins. slow down; and lastly, 5 mins. super fast. My legs are getting a much better workout than when I would work my way up to superfast. And I sweat a lot more now. Even the boyfriend noticed that I was getting sweatier. Doing this has definitely made my workouts feel way more productive.

Recipe time!!
I shouldn't really be posting this recipe as it is not really healthy, but I figure lots of people bake cookies to give as gifts so I don't think any harm will come from posting this. If you google "best f***ing chocolate chip cookies", you will come across this recipe. And believe you me, these are the "best f***ing chocolate chip cookies" I have ever tasted!

I made mini cookies out of this recipe to send to my mom and brother back in LA. They really are some yummy cookies. If you make them, you will not be disappointed. Trust me. Your tummy (or whoever you gift them to's tummy) will thank you.

And just for kicks, guess who likes to watch MTV's Jersey Shore?


  1. That is a great way to work out. Some people refer to it as HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training. My trainer recommends this because you can usually keep it up longer and still keep your heart rate up. It's good because you are actively recovering during the slow periods. I look forward to hearing the results you get from training this way.

  2. Four grocery stores? Seriously? Wow! Kudos on the great work out :)

    Jersey Shore..I hate to admit it, but yes, it's on my DVR lol. Those kids are nutso!

  3. scalewarfare - yes, I'm serious. Walmart and Kroger for pantry and fridge stuff. The hispanic market for meats,rice, and hispanic foods; and the asian market for produce. I'm hoping that I am actually saving money going to all those stores (REALLY hoping!). =D