Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Staying on track... harder than it looks.

But it's not impossible. Yesterday was proof of that. Well, almost.

The morning started off great. I had my turkey and tomato sandwich and then I threw in a banana. I drank my 16 oz. of water. I was feeling good. As I got closer to lunchtime, I could feel those snacking urges kick in. But nope, I waited until lunch and had a delicious serving of red beans and rice with an apple. I also polished off my second glass of agua. It started getting a little tougher as the day wore on. I got to eat my yummylicious snack of yogurt, berries and almonds. But that wasn't holding me over until I got home. So, my eating took a turn for the worst by me consuming some Nutter Butters, then some animal crackers, and finally some cheddar cheese rice cakes. Now, of course, I'm exaggerating and they were the mini kinds and I ate, maybe, only like 5 of each (except for those nutter butters!!). Although, I went off my path for a bit I finished the day out right with a healthy dinner and the rest of my water.

And there was no soda involved.

It also helps that I had an uhmazing workout. I finished up my night at the gym with some steam room time and I was walking on cloud nine. The steam room is heavenly. If you have one at your gym (or better yet, your house) and you haven't tried it, you are seriously missing out.

Although, my day wasn't perfect, it sure was good enough. For me, anyway. Besides, who wants perfect? I like a challenge.



  1. Some days, staying on track is mindlessly easy and some days... Dang! I have to fight myself every step of the way. My toughest time is that period in the afternoon between about two and five. I get that late sugar sink and I just want to eat my house down. It's getting a little easier, the longer I work at it, tho. Keeping safe stuff on which to munch close at hand helps, on rough days. :D

  2. Ice Queen - that's exactly the time I get the munchies!! weird. but I'm glad to know it'll get easier as I keep working on it! thanks for the tip!

  3. I wonder if adding a tiny bit of a healthy fat to each meal might help you get through your day better. A few slices of avocado on that turkey sandwich for example or some olive oil on a salad.

  4. "Besides, who wants perfect? I like a challenge."

    Love it! Glad you had a good day. :)

  5. karen - that'd be a good idea! I'm trying to start incorporating more healthy fats into my diet. Right now, alls I got are almonds and olive oil and some avocado =/

    chibi - thank you!

  6. yeah! love that steam room after i swim! at least in the winter. can't really contemplate it -- or the hot tub -- now that it's 90 degrees out.