Monday, September 7, 2009

Look who finally decided to post!

Me! That's who.

It has been a serious while since I was last here. I wish I had better news, but no dice. I am who I was a couple of weeks ago, plus a few pounds (I weighed in yesterday at 264).

Whatever. Doesn't mean I won't try again to get this right.

Monday (I very much enjoyed a day off from work.)
Breakfast: today was a day for sleeping in.
Lunch: hamburger on a whole wheat roll, grilled onions, tomatoes, slice of mozz, salsa rosada (ketchup and lite mayo a la colombiana)
Dinner: rice, red bean, piece of steak, 1/2 arepa
In between: 4 chocolate cupcakes (whaaaat??)

Workout: Slim in 6: Start It Up

Chugging on some water and now off to watch a couple of episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

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  1. Hey, welcome back! :-) Today is a new day and a chance to make healthy choices at every meal and to get in some activity! We'll get there.