Monday, April 12, 2010

I need a longer weekend...

I wonder if I can remember what happened this weekend:

Breakfast: sausage and egg croissant, hash browns, coke
Lunch: a lean gourmet thing
Snacks: peanut butter egg, lots of M&M peanut butter eggs, string cheese, apple,
Dinner: pork chop, rice, potatoes, salad

Workout: 15 min. elliptical, 30 min. walk/jog on treadmill, weight machines (legs, arms, back, chest, shoulders)

Breakfast: egg wrap
Lunch: soup, rice
Dinner: Colombian hamburger, french fries
Later on: lots of chips and some popcorn

Workout: Day off

Breakfast: egg wrap
Snack: Kashi bar
Lunch: 1/2 Southwest chicken wrap, protein shake
Dinner: rice, chicken breast, green beans, salad

Workout: 45 min. with personal trainer

It was definitely a food-filled weekend.

But we're moving on.

I did get my time in the gym. Sunday was the boyfriend and I's complimentary session with the personal trainer. Man, it was tough. Not so much painful, but it left me out of breath a couple of times. But it felt great. He talked over some prices with us. They are pretty expensive so I seriously doubt we'll be having any sessions with one soon. I am going to steal some moves from Sunday's session though. I'll work them into my workout and take it from there. Sneaky, sneaky...

For every pound you lose, you alleviate pressure on your knees by 4 pounds,

according to Check him out, he posts some very interesting things.

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  1. Hey there---glad you enjoyed your session with the personal trainer. I wish I could afford a trainer also, until I win the lottery, I'll just tvo a few workout shows on fitness tv. At least by watching these shows, I'll learn exercises for working out my abs, thighs and shoulders.

    My daughter has tons of videos and she switches them up. Might be the way to go for us who can't quite afford a personal trainer.

    Take care