Monday, April 26, 2010

Who here loves Mondays?

Seriously, is there any one out there who is actually excited about Mondays?

I'm very happy to say that last week was a very productive week at the gym.

Let's see how it all went down:

Monday: 30 min. cross ramp, 15 min. treadmill, weights
Tuesday: 30 min. cross ramp, 30 min. treadmill
Wednesday: 30 min. cross ramp, 15 min. treadmill, weights
Thursday: 30 min. cross ramp, 30 min. treadmill, abs
Friday: 15 min. cross ramp, 15 min. treadmill, 15 min. elliptical, weights and abs
Saturday: 15 min. cross ramp, 15 min. treadmill, weights and abs
Sunday: Rest Day

I'm pretty sure that's how it went. I really should write down what it is that I'm doing each day. That way I don't forget.

By the way, the cross ramp is my new best friend. It's a great workout and leaves my butt feeling all warm and tingly. Well, I think it's the cross ramp that is cause of that feeling. Or it could be walking hills on the treadmill. I dunno.

Last week's eating is a totally different story. Lots of fast food involved. But I really controlled myself on the weekend and didn't eat too badly. So, that fluff feeling is gone and I'm actually feeling pretty svelte.

I did get to weigh in on Friday morn' and the scale was up 0.4 pounds. I wasn't surprised, because like I said I ate tons of junk food last week. But I did step on the scale this morning and was surprised to see it almost back to normal. I just hope it gets a bit lower by my next weigh in.

It is T minus 3 days before the boyfriend and I hit the open road and get on our way to New York. We love us some road trips!!! In 2005, we drove from Los Angeles, CA all the way to Atlanta, GA. It was the awesomest. Google maps says it is only about 15 hours from here to New York, so not as long as our first road trip but it should still be tons of fun. I am so super excited but a bit nervous because it is a long trip and we are doing it all at once. Uh oh, that's a very scary thought.



  1. My husband and I have driven straight home from taking our son to college... 18 hours! My legs were so stiff when I got home! We have done 12 hours many times, and that is very manageable. Me, I don't like road trips. And I just want to eat when I am in the car for long.

    Have fun:)

  2. 15 hours is a long drive! I'm the worst car traveler. I always want to drink water the whole time and make my husband stop for potty breaks.

    Hope you have a great time on your trip. NYC is a great place to visit.

  3. I LOVE the crossramp! I feel like the time flies by when I am on that thing!

  4. I love roadtrips! Or should I say, I loved roadtrips before I had not so much. Which, is why I love the silence of Monday mornings!

    Great job on the exercising!

  5. We love road trips but we did have the luxury of taking our time when we were in USA. We try to set a limit of three hours driving per day so we can sight see and we like to look for interesting walks along the way too. So much fun.

    We would never do anything more than 8 hours driving on a single day unless it was an emergency.

    Perhaps that's because New Zealand is a small country. The main highway is about 2050 km or 1270 miles long.

  6. We did the trip to Texas in one day. Took about 16 hours. I much prefer driving TO Colorado, not away from it to a hotter climate. I'll be doing that on Sunday. Yay. Sounds like your workin' out has been going great! Time to get rid of the fast food. ;-)

  7. actually, i love mondays! it's odd, i know.