Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Re-cap #1

I haven't been around because I haven't been doing much. Well, except for eating way too much.

Last week was a fast food filled week! And it totally showed on the scale. The scale was up 1.6 pounds. Eek!!

With so much food, there wasn't much workouts. My workout buddy was sick so we didn't get to the gym pretty much all week. The only days I actually worked out were Monday and Saturday. Can we say epic fail?

I was seriously craving some endorphins so I should have gotten my butt to the gym. I was in a pissy mood towards the end of the week. And I KNOW it was because of the junk I was putting into my body and the lack of exercise.

But this week is going to be different. In 10 days, the boyfriend and I are leaving to New Jersey and New York. I need to look superfly so that I fit into some shorts I've been trying to squeeze into. I'm thisclose. Well, not thisclose, but closer than I was, say, six months ago.

I celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday (Sunday). It was the bomb diggity. Nothing like a good BBQ and some chocolate cake. FYI - for a not so guilty, good ass cake, try your local Asian bakery. Their cakes are so, so, so yummy and so, so, so light. You don't get that sugar coma feeling that you get from eating cakes from a regular/grocery bakery. Trust me on this.

Gosh, I feel old. I can't believe I'm 28. Gripes!

Stay tuned for Weekly Re-Cap numba TWO!!!


  1. Happy belated Birthday!

    28 isn't old. Wait until you are 45... lol

    I'm sorry that you had a rough week, I think that it happens to all of us from time to time. 1.6 pounds up isn't great but it isn't terrible... You will have it off like that! *snaps fingers* And be headed in your preferred direction soon.

    Feels old at 28... *Shakes head and snorts.* lol

  2. I agree, with Ice Queen, 28 is not old and yes, there are times we are up on the scale, but remember we didn't gain our weight over night and its going to take us time to get it off. It's just bump in the road. What's important is that you stay focused and keep making good choices, one meal at a time. You can do this...

  3. Happy belated birthday! Hope the trip is fun.