Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I wasn't going to post because I have not been good with the eating, but I'd rather be accountable than just sweep it under the rug.


Breakfast: oatmeal, banana, raisins, peanuts
Lunch: fried rice, shrimp and chicken, veggies
Snack: see Previous post, 1 slice of watermelon
Dinner: rice, beans, arepa, chicharron, steak, avocado
Snack: split a banana split with Boyfriend

Exercise: none =(

I know there's really no excuse but I just didn't feel right yesterday. I was EXHAUSTED. My eyes hurt, my head hurt, just a really ugly day for me. I know I still could have gotten a workout in, but laziness got the best of me.

I hate days like this.


  1. good for you for being aware of it at least...that's a step in the right direction!!

    it's hard to stay on track when you're not feeling 100%...hope today is better for yoU!!

  2. Okay, all that is in the past now. Learn what you can from it and move on. Brush yourself off, get right back with the plan.

    You can do it. No one is perfect. Forgive and forget.

  3. Sounds like you had a rough day, but good for you for holding yourself accountable & not beating yourself up over it.

    Wishing you a better day today & an all around great week.

  4. Exhaustion can be the devil when trying to eat healthily. When you're tired your body craves food to get energy.
    Take care of yourself and get some rest - the eating will get better once you feel like yourself again.