Friday, June 5, 2009

Close but no cigar...

I never really understood that saying =\

I started off so good yesterday, but as you will see all my efforts were for nothing. I can't really explain what happened.

Breakfast: oatmeal, almonds, banana

Lunch: Hamburger, broccoli, God's greatest creation - watermelon

Snack: cantaloupe, strawberries, crumbled up Oat's and Chocolate bar
Not pictured: 1 oatmeal cranberry walnut cookie from Jason's Deli
1/4 of a ham sandwich
handful of Munchies
1 pan dulce, 1/2 churro

Dinner: roasted chicken, rice with veggies, tomato and avocado salad (I forgot to take a picture)

Hmmmm?? It doesn't seem too bad. I could have swore that there was more food.

Exercise: I actually saw a tumbleweed pass by my elliptical machine.

I really have to start getting back into healthy habits. Getting back into? Ha! Who am I kidding? I was never really there. But I was behaving way better than I am now.

I feel the fluffiness creeping back on. And it's starting to get really hot here. It's hard being fat in the heat!!


  1. That doesn't look like a bad day of food, really...I don't think you did as bad as you think!
    Are you tracking calories? That might be a good way to start - journaling calories and such. You can start making changes if you see things going too far south...

  2. I track my calories at I eat around 2,000 calories a day... sometimes a little less. As I lose more weight... I'll adjust that total.

    I think it looks like you ate pretty healthy. And there's a tumbleweed by my elliptical, too. hehe

  3. tumbleweed....that's funny!!!

    i don't think your day looks too bad!! and great job on taking pictures, i really think that is what helped me a TON!!!