Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And another one gone and another one gone

Tuesday was a much better day!

My eating was a bit better. I was only 60% on plan, so that's a bad eating day. But if you ask me, it wasn't too bad.

I got in my Slim in 6 workout. Woo hoo! I love this stuff. My body feels more tight and toned each day that I do this. It's probably all in my head but I'd do anything for a pick-me-up. I am really trying to get in an AM workout but can't seem to get to bed at a decent hour to wake up early. I'm going to keep trying though.

I stood up late last night watching Zombieland and waiting for the boyfriend to get home from playing soccer. I am dead on my feet.



  1. How great that you continue getting results each day. That feels great, doesn't it? Now stop watching those B-movies and get some rest, woman! LOL!

  2. I absolutely cannot bring myself to work out in the morning man! Keep trying and you can do it!! :)

  3. i know what would help you get up...don't stay up and watch zombieland!! :p lol j/k i have those nights too!!

    and i'm sure you're getting more toned from slim in 6, it really works!!

  4. I haven't heard of slim in 6 but it sounds great:-) 60% on plan is still good!