Monday, February 1, 2010

Four walls won't hold me tonight

I had a great weekend.

But I'm really sleepy today.

My eating was all over the place. I didn't eat too much, but the some of the things I ate could have been better.

My workouts also could have been better. I took Friday off. Saturday and Sunday I only managed half of Ramp It Up each day. Whatever, at least I got something in.

This week I had a one-pound loss. Hooray! it's not much, but it's a loss. I know if I want to see more gone, I'm going to have to start REALLY cracking down on things.

My cat is crazy. Me and the boyfriend bought him one of these:
The one we bought isn't as fancy as this one

He is TERRIFIED of it. I tried to lay him on it so he can familiarize himself with it but I got clawed and he ran like crazy. Then the boyfriend tried and he got clawed. He is seriously spooked by it. Is this normal? Or is my cat a wimp?


  1. YAY for the weight loss :)

    when my mama & i first bought one of those things for our cat, we put her on and she just jumped off.. but a week later and we couldn't get her OFF of it! just give him time :)

  2. Great job on 1lb gone for good!!! And good for you on doing some exercise along the way. When it's a life long journey 80% effort is good enough!

    I agree- give kitty some time. If he doesn't warm up to it, start putting some of his food inside the little nooks and crannies. Our cats would love something like that to climb on! What a good cat mummy you are! LOL

  3. congrats on the loss, very exciting!!

    and i'm not a good one for cat advice! I only have a little dog! :)

  4. Yay, congrats on your pound!

    Does your kitty like catnip? If kitty likes it, put some on the tower and let him/her discover it. =)

  5. Congrats on the loss!

    I've been wanting to get one of those towers for our kitties. Too funny that it scares yours. I agree, put some catnip on it and just let him explore it on his own.