Tuesday, July 21, 2009

...I'm back with my tail between my legs

Well, weight watchers is on the back burner right now. Some things went down last week and it just wasn't a good time for it. I really want to do the meetings while I do weight watchers, so I think I'm going to put it on hold for a bit.

So back to trying to eat right. So far it hasn't worked out too well, but I'm trying. Well, ok, not really but I know I'll get it one day.

I did get to work out last night. I did Day 1 of Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred. Again, I have to say I LOVE this workout. It's just the total body workout in less than 30 minutes. But do I love it enough to do it for one month straight? We'll see.


  1. Good job starting the Shred - I hear it's rough! I'm sticking to walking and the elliptical myself - Jillian scares me :)

    I hope you can focus on making little, sensible choices and not putting too much pressure on yourself to wait until you can stick with WW to make healthy changes.

  2. Just say NO to impulse purchases!
    Walk realy fast through it, or go around the bakery entirely if you can at the store. Don't let the fumes suck you in! ;)

    Good luck with the Shred. Lots of people have great sucess with it & hopefully you will, too.

    Wishing you an 'on plan' week!

  3. Kudos to you with the Shred! I struggle with it, but just do it every now and again. It definately makes me sore!

  4. If everything gets put on the back burner at least keep up the workouts. The Shred is hardcore - congrats on doing the first day of it! But seriously, keep some healthy habits even if you know others are going to fall away.

  5. Rachel, you're so right! Small changes bring big results over time. Just a 100-200 calorie deficit a day will take off the pounds over time. Impossible goals only make you feel bad about yourself. It makes me sad to hear the defeat in your voice. You can DO this... I know you can!

  6. Hope your week is going well.

    It's so true. Losing weight is just going back to the basics and eating right and exercising. You got this one!