Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday Re-Cap

Tuesday had the potential to be a really bad day, but if I say so, it went pretty good. We had a BBQ for my BF's birthday. Yummy food all around.

breakfast - None, I slept until 12 pm (I love days off!)
lunch - raisin bran, milk, V8 juice (not the veggie variety)
Snack - Mountain Dew
Dinner - chicken breast, fajita preparada (this is just meat prepared with seasonings by the butcher), golden baby potatoes; tomato, avocado and mixed green salad; Ambrosia, birthday cake, some soft drinks
Midnight snack - Piece of fajita, handful of Doritos, Coca-Cola

That Mountain Dew I had for a snack could have been avoided, but I was out doing some shopping and I was sweaty and hot and thirsty and hungry so I grabbed the first thing I saw. I also could have done without all the soft drinks, too, but I didn't. Also, the midnight snack was totally uncalled for. But BF doesn't like to eat alone. I really need to start telling him no.

Moving on...

I did not get to work out last night. I was EXHAUSTED from running around the town shopping for food and picking up the cake. It was super hot so I literally sweated buckets. Trust me, it was gross. I think the shopping was a workout in itself.

My back has really started to bother me, too. Lately, when I'm doing a lot of walking, my lower back starts to hurt. I guess it's from all the weight I'm carrying up front. It never used to hurt before so maybe my body is finally showing me that it is tired of carrying all this extra weight around. I haven't had a lot of physical problems (i.e. aches and pains) due to my weight, so I've been really lucky. But I think it's all starting to catch up to me.

I think it's time to get serious.

P.S. Sweated - it sounds kinda funny and the spellcheck on Blogger says it's wrong, but I looked it up and sweated is the past tense of to sweat. Hmmm? Is this the correct way to say/write it?


  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one with back issues. Lately my lower back has really been bothering me. I thought for so long I was fine, but something finally caught up to me. Let's lose weight so this won't be an issue, k? Cause it totally sucks.

  2. I thought it was sweated too... but then of course I make up words like it's my job!

    Gosh, I hope you back feels better soon! I do yoga for my back and it works wonders for me. Maybe you can talk to your doc about that :)

    I think sometimes you gotta live a little have a REAL soda, and enjoy... as long as it's on occasion and not every wknd of anything