Sunday, July 26, 2009

A rare weekend post

Tuesday - Friday: pretty much disaster days. I didn't work out, food wasn't right. Although on Thursday, I have to say the day started out great until I had pizza for dinner.

So onto Saturday.
10am Breakfast - oatmeal and an apple
Organized the bedroom for a bit
12pm Lunch - rice and egg and tomatoes, arepa
Worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes.
Went to get groceries.
Had a rice krispy treat.
Went to pick up something for the boyfriend. (Men are the biggest babies ever when they're sick!)
Had a small chocolate shake from Chik Fil A.
Had dinner - Lasagna, 1 piece of bread
Dessert - flan

The day wasn't too too bad. I could have definitely done without the rice krispy treat, the chocolate shake, and the copious amounts of Coke I had later on in the evening. But I did get my workout in. Plus, getting groceries is a workout in itself. So much walking and sweating.

Having a semi-good day after all the horrible days I've been having is most certainly uplifting. I'm on a positive trip right now and I plan on taking full advantage of it!

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