Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Running out of ways to run

I didn't get my workout in last night. I decided to go out on a date with the boyfriend. Dinner and then a movie. We saw Avatar and it has got to be one of the best movies I've seen. I loved it.

So, no workout and my eating was...well, let's just say it was bad.

But you know, I shan't dwell on the past.

My new favorite snack:

Strawberry yogurt and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. These two are yummy squared mixed together.

I think I might have asked this question already, but I need some new ideas.
What are some of your favorite snacks?


  1. almonds are a great snack
    if you dont like almonds you can mix them with some dried fruit the best is cherries and almonds
    i actually hate nuts but when i mix it with fruit it isnt too bad

    or just a banana

    i like lays fat free chips i think the are light lays im not sure

    rice cakes

    aniaml crackers are ok if you dont eat alot of them or low fat grahm crackers

    veggies and a light dip

    string cheese

    snack bars
    those luna bars are nice but usually i will have one for breakfast instead of a snack but either could most likely work

    there are lots of different things to snack on i hope i helped out and gave you all different options for your mood

    oh yea add flax seed to things its so good for you
    just a little keeps you full for while and its soooo high in fiber lol

  2. Oh, Avatar! We loved it so much, we're seeing it again on Friday... *blush* lol

    Lately I've been snacking on a small cup a yogurt & piece of fruit in the morning, and veggies with light dip & string cheese in the afternoon.

  3. Favorite snack -- greek yogurt with cinnamon, a cut up apple and tsp of agave nectar...yummy!

  4. thanks for th e info on the whey protein
    definately goin to look into gnc it has less calories