Friday, October 9, 2009

A Good Day and some cookies


...was a very good day all around. I ate what I had planned to eat. No sugary foods, no fast foods. I even went to the Kroger to pick up some coffee and was not tempted by the double packed cake slices. Don't get me wrong, they were calling out to me. "Look at me! Buy me! EAT ME!!", they said. But I was not moved (although, I hate to say the outcome might have been different if there were some coconut slices) and stood my ground. Me 1, Cake slices 0.

My workout was extended to 40 minutes instead of 30. I know I could have done the full hour but my workout shoes are all wrong so the discomfort made me give it up early (what I'd give for some Nike Air Rifts!!). Whatever. I still did 10 more minutes than I usually do so that has definitely got to count for something.

In need of some more excitement? The scale was under 260 this morning. Woohoo!! It's been awhile since I've seen 2 and 5. I'm hoping that it stays that way until my official weigh in which is Sunday. It's the weekend so I'm going to have to work hard!

Do you like oatmeal cookies? Well, I don't really. But the boyfriend loves them. So I scoured the Internet for a recipe and came across this one. We've got a winner on our hands!! I haven't calculated the calories because I'm just too lazy to do it, so I don't know how healthy they really are (how bad can they be? they've got oatmeal and cranberries!!!). For some reason my cookies always spread out more than what they should and this time it was no different. The boyfriend liked them but said they could have been a little bit chewier and a little less crunchier. Well, Boyfriend, looks like you'll be making your own cookies next time. Just kidding.

Or am I?


  1. My cookies do that too...and my guy has been wanting chocolate chip ones lately...but he makes the cookies and I make the brownies...a truce after a long battle of who bakes better!

  2. haha Dh learned that lesson loooong ago - eat what I make or make your own. ;)

    Works so well I've extended it to the kids. lol
    Since my dd is only 6, that means she eats pretty much whatever I make here & only occasionally asks for a PB&J instead.

    Congrats on passing up the cake! I know that is a toughie but YOU DID IT!!

    Have a great weekend,