Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lovely Tuesday!!

It's an ugly morning (weather-wise) but I'm in such a good mood because I got lots of sleep last night. The wonders a couple of extra hours of sleep could do!!! I'm enjoying it because it doesn't happen much.

The rest of last week's workouts went something like this:
Wednesday 30 min elliptical
Thursday 30 min elliptical
Friday No workout
Saturday 30 min elliptical
Sunday 30 min elliptical

(Can you tell I was getting bored with the Slim in 6 DVD? No worries, because I got it done last night.)

Monday SI6 Ramp It Up

I have to start working on the eating right part because at Sunday's weigh-in I was up 0.6 pounds. I thought I would have lost some because of all the cardio I was doing, but I guess I was cancelling it out with all the caca foods I was eating. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

I have also started thinking about stepping up my workouts to maximize my weight loss. I don't want to wear myself out with trying to do too much as I am just getting consistent with my workouts, but I think I can push myself a little harder. I have to come up with a serious plan of attack.

Caught this movie at the dollar show this past weekend:
I was pleasantly surprised. Movies are so predictable nowadays, but this one had me guessing all the way til' the end. It didn't hurt that Peter Sarsgaard came out in it, either.

Last night, I was feeling crafty so I pulled out my new Euro Pro Dressmaker II sewing machine. I've had it for about a couple of weeks now and I have yet to try it out. By the way, I am not a sewer. Anywho, I could not get the thing to work. Grrr!! I had problems loading the lower thread and the directions weren't very detailed so today I'm on the hunt for some extra help/tips. Either I find some help on-line or it's going back (which it really can't since the Boyfriend threw the box away) (thanks Boyfriend!!).


  1. I think changing eating habits can be more effective in weight loss than bumping up the level and frequency of exercise. JMHO ;-)

  2. This movie trailer comes on late at night where I live and it freaks me out (in a good way hehe).

    Ooh don't forget to have fun with your workouts too!

  3. Mama Bear June - I know that is so true, but changing the eating is so hard for me. So I thought I'd work on something that I'm getting a handle on. I know eventually the eating habits are going to have to change.

    M3MC - go watch it!! It is so good! The Boyfriend ranked it as one of his favorite movies.