Friday, November 13, 2009

And the challenge is over...

Not quite, but after tomorrow's post, it will be.

Breakfast: egg, turkey sandwhich - turkey, tomatoes, avocado, lite mayo (thank you my boyfriend for the yummy breakfast <3)
Lunch: arroz con pollo
Dinner: rice, bbq chicken leg, 2 papa ensaladas (baby potatoes with salt), tomatoes
In betweens: 3 slivers of chocolate cake (small ones, I swear), apple

Workout: 21 minutes on the elliptical

I wouldn't necessarily call it an off-challenge day. Except for that cake that I hadn't planned on eating and only getting in 20 minutes of exercise. That sweet tenant brought in some cake that she had made. She is the sweetest, but God is she killing me!! I know I can just not eat the stuff she brings in, but that would just be plain RUDE, right? And for the exercise, I waited to long to get moving. I got home, relaxed, ate dinner, watched The Vampire Diaries, and then decided to work out. Well, I got hot and uncomfortable and gave up after 21 minutes.

I really blow at challenges.

But you know what? It's okay. Because I stepped on the scale this morning and it was down!! It doesn't count until Sunday morning, but I know if I continue what I'm doing (eating less and working out), I will definitely have a loss this week.

What challenge???

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  1. your doing great!! you will start seeing results! keep it up!