Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday & Sunday

Breakfast: Snickers Ice-cream bar, finished off the cookie dough candies
Lunch: Mondongo (the Colombian variety)
Dinner: some more soup
Movie snacks: handful of raisinettes, handful of bacon cheddar chips

Breakfast: scrambled egg, toast
Lunch: split chili cheese fries, double steakburger from Steak'n'Shake with the boyfriend, plus a chocolate shake
Dinner: TBD

I should have never had the chocolate shake. I am super full now (and I feel super gross).

Eek! That was a lot of junk food. But that is how my weekends typically go. Must be stronger, must say no to junk food.

Weigh-in was this morning. I am up on the scale (surprise, surprise) but I am still under 260. I have to look on the bright side of things, but it's getting more and more difficult. I think it's time for a Challenge!!

This week's challenge
-Absolutely no junk/fast food during the week
-Eat all planned meals
-Only 1 cheat meal this week (date night with the boyfriend)
-30 minutes on the elliptical...e v e r y day this week.

Do you think I can pull it off???

P.S. I lost a follower =(. I guess my gross eating habits are turn-off. Oh well, whaddaya gon' do?


  1. I think you should try for some varied physical activities, I mean, save Mr. Elliptical for those high water, snow, mud days. If that doesn't work, buy stock in Steak'n'Shake and go more often! Otherwise, keep up the good work, consistency is key.

  2. Well I'm going to continue to follow! It's better to be honest, if not for the blog at least for yourself! I totally think you can do the challenge! I'm re-doing my fast food challenge this week since I won't be working so much. I definately think that this week is gonna be YOUR week! Good Luck!

  3. fuzzy lips: various exercises sounds like a good idea, but I really do love the workout I get from the elliptical. I know eventually I will have to do more strenuous, more challenging things, but for right now, the elliptical is the thing for me =)

    Kimmi - thanks for following!! and I'll continue to follow you too =D. I'll be checking up on you to see how you do on your No Fast Food challenge. Good luck!!

  4. Oh, what I meant was get outside when you can and save the elliptical for when you can't. As a side note, how about exercising first thing in the morning BEFORE breakfast? Merely thoughts...

  5. Fuzzy - working out in the a.m is an amazing concept, but just not for me. I WISH I was one of those people that could get up in the morning and workout.

  6. I mention morning workouts before breakfast because our bodies are lower in glycogen, which must be burned before fat can be burned. Though if you're carb loading the night before, it may not be as effective. I also use to not be a morning person, but finally broke myself. It's routine really, the first week always being the hardest.

    None the less, well done with your recent no junk (ahem, cake) and no fast food victory. Yeah, the fast food bit will destroy any dieter's goals, hopes and dreams. Good for you!