Friday, November 6, 2009

The truth shall set me free...

I've decided to come out with ALL the nitty gritty details of my day. All the eating and workout fails and everything else in between. Seriously, E V E R Y T H I N G. The whole purpose of this blog was to keep myself accountable and I'm just not cutting it. I need to show the world how bad, but also how good, I can be.

Breakfast: cottage cheese, diced pineapple, banana
In between: 2 pieces of See's chocolate & nuts
Lunch: the greatest hamburger, fries, & cherry coke
Dinner: chicken breast, rice, green beans
Snack: turkey sandwhich (turkey, bread, slice of provolone, light mayo)

Hmmm??? I seriously thought I ate way more food than that (or was that the day before?). I guess it wasn't a complete fail. Well, except for that hamburger part.

I got home last night with every intention of spending some quality time with my elliptical machine. But then I lay down on the bed, started watching some TV with the boyfriend, and you know how it goes. Grrrr!!

Ok, enough about that.

Beauty Post

Since, life isn't always about weight loss, I thought I'd do a little plug for a product I recently discovered.

I love, love, love the look of fresh acrylic nails. But they can be such a pain. First off, they can get pricey. Second, sometimes the nail salons don't seem very sanitary (uh, hello!! nail fungus!!). And lastly, acrylic nails are killer for your nail's overall health. But they sure are pretty.

So I tried these little beauts. And came out with this:
Don't mind my gross cuticles
Cute, right? Can you even tell these weren't done at a salon? I couldn't! And all for seven bucks!! You can probably find them cheaper somewhere else, but I was a goober and stopped at the most expensive place on earth (CVS). They were really durable and felt like acrylic tips. I love, love, love them. If you need to, check out this tutorial. It was very helpful on putting these little suckers on.


  1. Those are adorable. I could use something nice for my nails, and $7 isn't exactly going to break the bank - especially if my husband doesn't find out :)

  2. love the nails they look like they were done at the salon. I always want to have pretty nails without having my nails damaged by the harsh chemicals. I just cant seem to keep the press on types on they always fall off!

  3. becca - trust me. these are waaaay better than the press on nails. give 'em a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

    izzybee - even if your hubby finds out, he can't get mad at $7 (or less). I think they're around 5 bucks at wal-mart.

  4. My mom's a nail tech, so I had gel nails for yeaaaaars. Unfortunately, something in my body changed, making my nail beds really oil, causing the gel to pop off in one piece (looked like a press-on!). My nails now are actually healthier than they ever were, even before the artificials, but I miss them terribly: they were *such* a confidence booster! No matter how grungy I looked or how crappy I felt, my nails always looked nice (and almost always netted me at least one compliment).

  5. We need more beauty stuff! That looks so cute. I might give it a try someday. :)