Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm going to love this week!

Because it's a 3-day work week. I love the holidays!!

Breakfast: slice of pumpkin pie
Lunch: rice, beans, chicharron, steak, arepa, avocado
Dinner: 1 carne asada taco, 1/2 burrito
In-betweens: 1 slice of pumpkin pie, cookies (I forgot how much), arequipe and cheese

No workout

My boyfriend's mom invited her priest over for lunch so that's why there was so much food and little snacks.

I was just too lazy to workout. So I stood in bed with the boyfriend watching Transformers 2 (I love that movie!!).

Pumpkin pie is my Thanksgiving nemesis. I love it way too much. I bought a little pie from Wal-Mart yesterday. The good thing is, it's the only pie we'll have since the boyfriend's family aren't really big pumpkin pie people. So after this little one is done, there will be no more.

Yesterday was my weigh in and I was up 0.8 pounds. Hey, at least it wasn't a whole pound. I am so ready for the scale to go down. I've only lost 5 pounds since August. That's pretty sad and I know I can do WAY better.

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