Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 2 (Can I get an OH YEAH!)

Breakfast: turkey sammich (turkey, light mayo, tomatoes)
Lunch: a sweet tenant of mine brought lunch for us today - Jambalaya. I had never had this before and it was effin' awesome. I have definitely got to try making this some time.
In between: apple, 2 slices of turkey, Flax granola bites
Dinner: 2.5 chicken wings, small scoop of shrimp fried rice

The food I had eaten wasn't really what I had planned to eat, but you should have seen the portions I had. I was sooo good. I had about a cup of jambalaya at lunch time. And for dinner, it was only about half a cup of fried rice. Wow, I never watch my portions. Seriously guys, I am being so good, it's scary.

I did get my 30 minutes on the elliptical in. I really had to push myself to get on the thing and do it. But man, those 30 minutes flew by and I was laughing at myself for making such a big deal of doing it or not. That's how it goes, though.

I know it has only been two days, but I see myself thinking twice about what I'm going to eat. Me and the boyfriend went shopping last night for a gift for my nephew. I was starving! We could have easily stopped at the food court for something to eat (I was so craving pretzels!), but I told myself to wait until we got home to eat dinner. We stopped at Walgreen's to get a movie from my beloved (Redbox) and I was still starving, so I went on the prowl for a snack. Instead of chips and candy, I picked up some granola bites. Gosh, I am a new person.

Movie Review
Me and the boyfriend watched "The Ugly Truth" last night. I liked it. And I love Gerard Butler! If you like crude humor, then you'll like this. Me and the boyfriend laughed a lot. He gave it two thumbs up.

Product Review
At Walgreen's last night, I picked up some of these:
Now, I don't have any experience with Flax; I've never tried the stuff. However, after trying this I'm not sure I want anything more to do with it. This stuff literally tastes like dirt. It even looks like discs of it:
I just didn't really care for the taste. Is this what healthy food tastes like? No wonder I am fat. Just kidding. I guess they really aren't that bad. For 130 calories per serving (about half a bag), they're pretty filling and I'm sure that they are really good for you. Just the taste of them really bothers me. Why is it that all the food that is good for you tastes really bad?

Have you guys tried any good for you food that is also good for your taste buds?


  1. Good job on sticking with it!

    I like this stuff

    I tried the heavenly chocolate most recently ( bought it at my local grocery store) and it was was really good. super filling and satisfied my sweet tooth! Ive only tried the "granola" not the hot cereal or anything like but I really liked it.

  2. i love those quaker rice cakes
    you can usually find them anywhere too

  3. Losing it - I've seen that at Target. I really want to try the granola. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to have to pick some up.

    Bee - I love the flavored ones!

  4. What a great idea to post a product review. You have saved many of us from buying a bag of "dirt" today!

    Just found your blog as I am a newbie to fitness blogging. I've been having a good time finding so many great and motivating blogs.

    Continued success.