Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Excuse me while I take a nap...

I am so sleepy this morning...zzzzzzzzzz...

Yesterday was a good day. It could have been better, but I'm still going to stick it in the "Good Day" pile.


Breakfast: oatmeal, almonds, raisins, honey, banana

lunch: rice, Colombian beans, avocado

snack: fiber one bar, watermelon, red globe grapes

dinner: tilapia, shrimp, rice, salad

snack: 3 (yes, that's 3!) black bean brownies (I really have to get rid of these), handful of Doritos, 4 dried apricots

exercise: 20 mins. on the elliptical

Me and Satan finally saw that movie Taken. It was lame-o. I should have rented The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I'll probably get it tonight. Can't beat $1 movies (God bless you, Red Box!)


  1. How do you cook your tilaia? We tried it recently and it was okay--much better than expected, but both hubby and I kept adding salt. I know there should be a better way to prepare it than spraing it in butter flavored pam and lemon juice then "frying" it. Or maybe not. lol

    We were going to rent Taken...not too good that it was lame.

  2. Tilapia is great. It's taste and smell is not too fishy, if you know what I mean. My bf's mom cooks it. She dips it in a flour coating and fries it and serves a seafood sauce over it. Not exactly diet friendly, but I watch my portions.

    Have you tried this site? I've seen a lot of yummy looking tilapia recipes there. And even if you aren't following ww, I'm sure they're good for you.

    You should rent Taken. You might like it. I just personally didn't.

  3. First, I had a feeling the best scenes from Taken were the commercials on TV...so we will probably rent it, but I'll probably get up and do something and DH will probably fall asleep on the couch. lol

    I do WW, and I am off to check the site now. I don't fry anything now, but I can fake fry wih the best of 'em. Thanks for sharing the site.

    Wal-mart sells frozen Tilapia in bags with 4 fillets for $5. That's why we tried it to begin with. lol

  4. You need to come visit my blog for an announcement! ;-)