Thursday, May 14, 2009

One day down...

A million more to go.

Yesterday was a success if I do say so myself. Well, except for the 6 chocolate kisses that were not part of the plan. But yesterday was WAY better than I have been this past week.

Breakfast: oatmeal, 1 T raisins, 1 T almonds, oj
lunch: arroz con pollo
snack: apple
Uncalled for snack: 6 chocolate kisses
dinner: angel hair pasta with onions and tomatoes, tuna, 2 tostadas (fried plaintain)

I think I should explain what type of eating plan I am trying to follow. Well, I'm not really trying to follow ANY plan. My biggest obstacle is stopping for breakfast or lunch at the McDonald's or Burger King by my work. Besides being so bad for me, I have been wasting way too much money there. So, one of my goals is to cut out fast food from my menus. And if I must, then my choices should be good ones. Second, no more junk food. Chips, cookies, candies, sodas, etc. I just eat way too much of them and they trigger some kind of monster in me to go on an eating frenzy and I just end up feeling like caca.

Basically, the plan is to eat less move more.

And my first attempt to move more was pretty pathetic. I did the elliptical for, get this, a whole 12 minutes! Go me!! I don't know if it's because I'm out of shape or because the elliptical machine is not working properly but yesterday, I about killed my calves and thighs. To me it feels like the tension setting on the elliptical is too high, but it is on the lowest setting. Hmmm?? I can't complain though because it is a really good machine and it was free. I guess I'll just have to gradually work up my endurance on that machine a little bit at a time.

(Please don't laugh at my pitiful 12 minute workout.)


  1. You go, girl! The first time I used my elliptical... I could only do 2 minutes before I felt like my legs were going to fall off! I stuck with it and increased my time gradually over time... and I'm up to 15 minutes now. I think I could go longer... but it always makes the bottom of my feet hurt!

    I totally pigged out on Hershey Kisses a few weeks ago. I went through an entire bag in about 3 days! I let go of the guilt... and got back on track, thank God! lol

  2. NOT laughing! You should have seen me the first exercise video I did. My arms were dropped and I marched in place during most of it, huffing and puffing, afraid I was going to collapse. WAY TO GO for moving! It will get better, fast!

    I like your plan.

    The one breakfast item I miss while doing my Weight Watchers is a McDonald's Egg McMuffin. That is one of my favorite things. Yes, I can make them healthier at home, but they're not the same. (I like getting out of the house, which is why they're not the same.)

    I go to Taco Bell every Thursday night after obedience class. We're out of town, the class is during dinner hours, and so we have our treat. I have just learned to control what I get there..instead of two burriots, nachos and a taco or two (did I admit that!!!) I get a bean burrito and a taco. I'm full, on plan and good.

    That will end soon as our classes are almost done. Then it's back to home cooking 7 nights a week instead of 6.

    Good going on your Day One and best wishes on your journey!

  3. What a beautiful signature! One thing I allow myself to do is to indulge in what ever my appetite or heart desires. I give myself permission to eat anything and everything no matter what. It's amazing how much less you want when you stop restricting. I Any way, that's just my thing. Good luck in your journey.

  4. With any workout, you have to start out slow and work your way up to prevent injury. No laughing here! Eating less and moving more usually works pretty well. Keep making healthy choices.

  5. jo - I <3 McD's!! But they just weren't being nice to my waistline...or my wallet! The thing about eating out is to plan ahead and you seem to be doing a great job at that.

    Selma - Thank you! You are so right. I find when I restrict myself, I'll last, maybe, a couple of hours. I am so bad at that. So this way of eating is really working out for me.

    Mama Bear - I'm learning that. 12 minutes may not be a lot but it's something! (And I've already added 3 minutes to that! :D)