Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 12

Friday was a good day.

The workout consisted of 20 minutes of HIIT and ALA strength. It was a good one. My arms were super sore, but I fought through it and completed the workout.

My eating was just okay.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with onions (sounds weird but it's really good), toast
Snack: 2 clementines
Lunch: rice, chicken with potatoes
Dinner: Colombian hamburger and french fries

Two things I really shouldn't have eaten were a chocolate chip cookie (you know, the ginormous ones) and 2 small pieces of brownie.

The boyfriend and I decided that we will only eat out once a week. He's trying to lose weight, too. And we eat out way too much. So once once a week is good enough.

Speaking of my boyfriend. I am so jealous of him. He's just barely started getting into cardio and his tummy is shrinking already. WTF?? I have so much more ways to go than him and I know he's going to see results so much quicker than me.

Oh, how I hate him. <3

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