Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Days 6, 7 and 8

Day 6
ALA (arms, legs, abs) workout

Day 7
no workout

Day 8
ALA workout

I have yet to find a cardio workout that is right for me. The elliptical machine is still making that annoying noise. I tried to use it this weekend but I am seriously not feeling it. The weather has been pretty crappy here so an outside walk doesn't seem to be calling out to me, either. I need to find something because I need some CARDIO in my life.

The good thing about doing my strength workouts: my arms are definitely toning up. There's still some fat that I need to get through, but my shoulders and arms are starting to get some definition. The boyfriend says he can see a difference in my legs but I haven't noticed yet. I am too busy admiring my arms.

On the food front, I was doing so well with not having had fast food for one week. There was no breakfast food at the house yesterday morning so I caved and picked something up. There was LOTS of snacking going on too. I made these awesome mini muffins and while the boyfriend had friends over, I was downstairs in close proximity to said muffins. All I can say is it wasn't pretty.


  1. They're not super-high intensity, but what about the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs? Weather's not a factor... Heck, even my good, old Tae Bo DVDs get my heart pumping - maybe something like that?

  2. chibi - it's funny you mention those two because I was debating over them this weekend. I really wanted the WATP one, but I can walk outside for free, you know? So my plan is to start walking. The only thing is...I have to START.