Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 4

Thursday nights workout was a yummy one again. Strength training: arms, legs, and abs; and 20 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical. I seriously love this workout.

I was much better with my snacking at work, too. I didn't eat so much. Maybe because I kept myself so busy at work. I guess that's the secret! I didn't have time to think about food. And if I'm not thinking about it, I ain't eating it!

It's still rainy outside. The sun hasn't been out in 3 days! But it is Friday, so it's going to be a great day!!

Oh yeah...

...I forgot.

I was up 0.8 pounds this week. Eeeek. But I ate way too much this week for there to be a loss so I'm not really surprised.

And to top it all off...fluffy days are back again. =(

At least I have another week to try again!


  1. Hey! Found your blog (since you got nominated) by Ellen and decided to drop you a comment and tell you to keep up the work despite the conditions. Keep trying! And definitely do workouts that you love. If you hate it, it's not sustainable.

    So stick with it and you'll get the results you want, slowly but surely!

  2. Yay for keeping busy! I have to say, more often than not I eat because I'm bored and hungry (I have PCOS so I'm permanently hungry - even when I've just eaten!) If I'm hungry but in the middle of doing something, I can ignore it and postpone snacking until I really need to.

    Hope the workouts are going well!