Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 9

I have been eating way too much.

And my tummy is not happy with me right now.

I know that when I eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, I feel like crap for the rest of the day. So why do I continue to eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?

Woe is me.


I was googling exercises this morning and came across a great one. I sit at a desk 8-9 hours a day. Besides, the occasional stroll throughout my suite, I don't get any exercise during the day. The thing is, I sit at the reception area so I can't really do much without getting caught. So, moves I can do underneath my desk are GOLD to me. They save me from some very awkward moments.

I tried this one already and really like it.

Taken from

Leg Extensions
  1. Sit tall in a chair or on a ball with the abs engaged.
  2. Keeping the body stable, straighten the right leg, foot flexed, and try to bring it up until the leg is parallel to the floor.
  3. Lower the leg back down, lightly touching the heel to the floor, and repeat for 16-20 reps before switching sides.
  4. You'll feel this in the front of the thighs as well as in the hip flexors of the working leg.
"The leg extension is a simple, classic exercise targeting the quadriceps muscles. This exercise is great for anyone who needs to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee to provide more stability and support."

You really feel it in the front of your thigh. Trust me.

Any more exercises that can be done incognito, underneath a work desk??

By the way, yesterday was my off day from workout. =)


  1. Butt Clinching! Just tighten and release the buttocks. This really works that muscle. :)


  2. Allison - I saw this one in a different article. I'm going to have to try it even though the thought of clenching my cheeks is hilarious to me lol thanks!! =D

  3. I'm with I'm Loving My Complicated Life-try the old tried and true butt clench!

    Okay, now I don't want to offend you or hurt your feelings, but maybe if you didn't buy the chocolate chip cookies it would solve that problem you mentioned. Of course, you may live with someone who doesn't mind making a special trip for junk food and then you have a whole new issue to deal with. LOL!

  4. karen - that's my problem. I can't stop buying them!! but I'm glad to say that I didn't give in to the temptation this morning. Me - 1 Cookies - 1,000,000 =)

  5. Cookies are my downfall...I allow myself a Quaker's Breakfast cookie often. 180 calories, and it quenches my desire for a cookie. (I used to eat half a bag of Chips Ahoy.)

    I like the leg exercise you posted, and also the comments about butt clenching. lol Pretend you have a marble and can't drop it--that is funny to me! Who would carry a marble in their cheeks? Anyway, I also do stretching at my desk. One leg at a time, I extend one leg, point then flex my foot, then do foot circles 8 times in each direction. I do it with both legs and it just feels great and gets the blood flowing.