Thursday, March 4, 2010

She's nothing like a girl you've ever seen before

Tuesday - no workout
Wednesday - 20 min. HIIT, arms & abs

So, working out Mon-Fri didn't work out too much. I'll have to get a workout in on Saturday or Sunday. It's going to be tough working out this week because the boyfriend is super sick and can't work out. I always get lazy when he doesn't work out with me. It sucks not having your exercise buddy =(. I'll just have to try not being a weenie and do the workouts on my own.

My eating hasn't been too bad either. True, I did go a little snack crazy on Wednesday, but overall I've had some good days. So far, I have stuck to the sugary stuff (soda) once a day. That's a great feat my friends. I used to drink that stuff as if it were water. So bad for me. I know I'm being a tad healthier drinking it just once a day. Not 100% healthy, but healthier.

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