Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's try this again...Day 1

I was really hoping to start my second week yesterday, but no go. Out of the 5 workout days I had planned, I only completed 3. Plus, the weekend eating was...well, it wasn't too bad except for a couple of things I really shouldn't have eaten. Nonetheless, I thought I'd start off fresh.

Monday's eating was pretty good. The boyfriend started working with one of my tenants so I packed our lunch and snacks for us to share throughout the day.

Breakfast: Kashi Berry Crumble, milk
Snack: berries, half a turkey and pickle sandwich
Lunch: Michelina's Lean Gourmet something or other, chickpea salad
Snack: half an apple, peanut butter
Dinner: lentils, rice, hamburger patty

It sounds pretty good, right? Well, it would have been REALLY good except that I forgot to mention that there were 2 chocolate chip cookies involved. Two ginormous chocolate chip cookies. The boyfriend tried to talk me out of eating them but with Stubborn being my middle name, I was doing what I wanted to do and not listening to anybody.

When we got home from work, we decided to lay down and take a 20 minute nap before getting to our workouts. 3 hours later we woke up. Doh! I guess the time change really messed with us or we just didn't get enough sleep this weekend but we knocked out until 9:30 pm. I'm sad to say there was no workout last night.

But it's just the start of the week and there is still a chance for us to have a good week. As long as we get our 5 days of workouts, me and the boyfriend are good as gold!


  1. Have fun with the workouts - they will make the most enormous difference to your results!

  2. patsy - thank you! I'm really looking forward to tonight

  3. I'm very similar re: the cookies - the *second* someone tells me I can't/shouldn't, it's all I can think of, and I end up doing to spite them (which really only means I spite myself, generally speaking).

    Good luck with the workouts this week!

  4. chibi - That's me, too! It's a weird way of thinking, isn't it?