Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 17

Wednesday's eating was all kinds of wrong. I was really bored at work so what do I do to pass the time? I eat.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomatoes and 1/2 hotdog weenie, toast w/ butter and jelly, chocolate milk
Snack: 1 clementine
Lunch: rice, tuna and green bean salad, 2 bites of the bf's philly cheesesteak, handful of chips, 1/4 Jason's Deli roast beef sandwhich (it was small, I swear), 1/2 JD brownie, 1/4 tuna sandwhich and another handful of chips
Dinner: rice, carrots, pork chop

The workout was my beloved ALA strength exercises and 20 minutes of HIIT on my archnemesis, the elliptical machine. God, I really hate that machine. But deep down, I really do love it.


  1. A hotdog weenie for b'fast sounds a little disgusting! ;-) Make today full of healthy choices!

  2. Actually it's not bad when you make it with scrambled eggs. My boyfriend loves it! I guess it's a hispanic thing. =D